Tug toys are a tried and tested favourite toy for dog owners worldwide!

They are a great way to exercise your dog, no matter what age, and at the same time build that great relationship with them through play. There’s nothing more fun than a little rough and tumble with your pup, especially when they make that happy growling noise as they try to wrestle the toy from you and win the game. What’s more, you get to cement your role as pack leader by initiating, controlling and then calling ‘time up’ then the game is over.

I especially like playing tug with my pups and adolescent dogs because their biting and pulling action helps to work their jaw bones and muscles, as well as strengthen their teeth. A little known benefit of having your dog bite into the rope of these tug toys is that the fibres act like dental floss, cleaning the hard to reach surfaces between teeth. Very few dental care products or foods give the incisor teeth (front teeth) an adequate clean but that’s exactly where rope tug toys do their best work. Many, many dogs worldwide lose their incisor & canine teeth early in life from lack of dental care. I find brushing them and using rope tug toys are the most effective way to take care of my dog’s front teeth.

My preference is to keep the tug toy for a special daily game for my dogs and then I put it out of reach so they recognise it is ‘that special toy’ that we play together. I always recommend supervising your pups and dogs with any chew toy and to discard the toy when it becomes worn so there is no risk they can swallow any loose parts. For the same reason we don’t like or stock toys with any weak, plastic parts or bells etc that can break and be swallowed by your dog creating the risk of airway, throat or bowl obstruction.

Our tug toys come in 3 sizes – Small (22cm), Medium (30cm) & Large (35cm). Brands and colours may vary from that shown. You may request a particular colour of tug toy if you wish but we are limited by what stock our suppliers carry. And remember, your dog is colour blind so doesn’t care what colour you get!