Dermcare’s Natural Shampoo is my first choice shampoo for my dog, ‘Poppy,’ because it so so mild and hypoallergenic that it can be used every day if necessary. And, trust me, Poppy is a Huntaway and during winter there’s weeks when she gets a spuce up in the bath every time she comes home from her walk splattered with mud!

On the odd occasion one of the cats, Tom or Jack, come in dirty I’ve been known to shampoo them with Natural Shampoo before they put muddy footprints on the couch! They’re not fond of baths but I follow the instructions on the Natural Shampoo, which is so mild that it doesn’t bother them, and I rinse them thoroughly with water at the end. The only side effect is they don’t talk to me for a day or so afterwards!

Natural Shampoo is ideal for:

  • Regular bathing, even those pets with sensitive skin
  • Removing tough dirt and mud
  • Daily use if required
  • Regular bathing to help keep the coat free of pollen and other irritants

For best results, wet your animal thoroughly and apply shampoo directly to the coat. Work into a thick lather, then rinse until water runs clear.
Natural contains coconut oils, providing a natural source of moisturisers. For added moisturising, ease of combing and protection against itchiness, Aloveen Conditioner can be applied after Natural shampoo.
Natural Shampoo is suitable for dogs, cats and horses of all ages. Use only as directed.

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