My dog REALLY loves her Hol-ee Roller X. This is the first toy I taught her to ‘fetch’ and she gets a kick out it when I say, “Poppy, wanna play fetch?” She barks at me if I’m too slow to throw it and growls merrily at her achievement when she hurtles after and catches it!

The Hol-ee roller is specifically made for dogs and is made of  pliable but thick, durable rubber. The lattice configuration make it easy for dogs to grab the roughly 15cm diameter Hol-ee Roller X so it gives their jaws muscles, incisor and canine teeth a good workout. I like the Medium size Hol-ee Roller X which weighs about 350g, so is not too heavy throw and it bounces well. This size is suitable for dogs 10 – 30kg.

Some people recommend playing tug with the Hol-ee Roller X but I don’t because I want her to learn to ‘Give’ when she returns from fetching it. I use a rope tug toy for that purpose and to floss Poppy’s teeth.

As always, we recommend supervising your dog with the Hol-ee Roller X and don’t suggest letting them simply chew it for prolonged periods of time. Discard the toy when it is worn out to prevent your dog consuming pieces of rubber. Colours vary.