A flattened, empty plastic fizzy drink bottle (cap & ring removed) will keep many a medium to large breed adolescent dog occupied for hours! Obviously, this is a REALLY ECONOMICAL toy for dogs but, even better, it is a fantastic way to GIVE THE BOTTLE A SECOND USE BEFORE IT IS RECYCLED. Awesome, and Our Planet Wins Too!

Always remember, no toy is completely safe so, like our kid’s toys, you should inspect them regularly and discard them when they show signs of wear. Obviously when you use an improvised toy for your dog which hasn’t been specifically designed for this use, you accept it is up to you to keep your dog safe so supervise them carefully. Please recycle the bottle when it is worn out. And then treat your dog to a new bottle!

Please note: This is a humorous addition to our ‘Product Line.’ We’re Kiwis and know to apply Common Sense in our daily lives, including when we give our dog items to play with and chew to keep everybody safe. The Pet Doctors Ltd does not accept any liability for any mishap with this toy suggestion and you’re free to choose another product if you wish.