You really want to look after and protect your cat’s teeth but, maybe you don’t have the time, or your demure pussy becomes a very cranky kitty when you handle it’s mouth. That’s OK, we’ve all been there and recognise brushing is just not going to happen at your place. The good news is, there are simple treatments you can incorporate into your cat’s daily routine that will help their oral hygiene. What’s more our Brush Free Formulation of products is available at a Great Price and we’ll even deliver to urban addresses FREIGHT FREE!

We suggest checking with your vet to see if feeding Hill’s Feline Prescription Diet t/d is suitable for your cat. If it is, then we recommend using that diet in conjunction with the Brush Free Formulation to augment the effectiveness of your dental routine so that every day you’re helping to curb painful, smelly dental disease in your cat.

Our Brush Free Dental Formulation for Cats includes:

Aquadent FR3SH Oral Hygiene for Cats & Dogs 250ml

Using a water additive like Aquadent® FR3SH™ is an easy way to help control plaque and prevent tartar for your dog or cat. That’s right, both your dog and cat can share the same water bowl! In fact, water additives are recommended by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Global Dental Guidelines as part of home care for dental hygiene. Aquadent® FR3SH™ targets the causes of bad breath in three ways:

  1. CLEANSE – Addresses oral causes of bad breath
  2. FRESHEN – Freshens breath  with every use
  3. BALANCE – Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion

Please read and understand the packaging information supplied before use.

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MAXI/GUARD OraZn 59ml for Cats & Dogs

We use MAXI/GUARD OraZn to permeates dental plaque and kill harmful bacteria. The Taurine component binds smelly sulfur compounds to reduce bad breath while OraZn also promotes connective tissue repair for gum health. OraZn is packaged a soft squeeze bottle with built-in applicator tip.

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Greenies Dental Treats for Cats

As part of the package, you receive a pack Oven Roasted Greenies and a pack of Savoury Salmon Greenies which are designed to help keep your cat’s mouth clean and healthy on the days you just don’t have time to brush. Their unique shape and crunchy texture are proven to clean teeth and reduce tartar. Plus, having  the 2 flavours keeps your cat interested in eating them. These natural treats have added vitamins, minerals, and taurine, so they do more than just offer cat teeth care… they offer complete, tasty nutrition, too. Pack includes in 2 tasty flavours: Oven Roasted Chicken & Savoury Salmon.

GREENIES™ dental treats are formulated for cats 1 year of age or older. For a healthy dental benefit, feed treats daily in conjunction with your cat’s regular diet. As with any treat, adjust amount of main meal to compensate for calories delivered by treats. Those of us with cats with food or other hypersensitivities should take these into consideration when choosing which products to use. Provide fresh drinking water at all times and see your veterinarian regularly. Always monitor your pet while feeding a treat.

5kg cat: 11 treats per day
8kg cat: 16 treats per day
10kg cat: 18 treats per day
12kg cat: 21 treats per day
15kg cat: 24 treats per day
18kg cat: 28 treats per day