You really want to look after and protect your dog’s teeth but, maybe you don’t have the time, or your dog just won’t let you handle it’s mouth. That’s OK, we’ve all been there and recognise brushing is just not going to happen at your place. The good news is, there are simple treatments you can incorporate into your dog’s daily routine that will help their oral hygiene. What’s more, our Brush Free Formulation of products is available at a Great Price and we’ll even deliver to urban addresses FREIGHT FREE!

Our Brush Free Dental Formulation for Dogs includes:

Aquadent FR3SH Oral Hygiene for Cats & Dogs 250ml

Using a water additive like Aquadent® FR3SH™ is an easy way to help control plaque and prevent tartar for your dog or cat. That’s right, both your dog and cat can share the same water bowl! In fact, water additives are recommended by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Global Dental Guidelines as part of home care for dental hygiene. Aquadent® FR3SH™ targets the causes of bad breath in three ways:

  1. CLEANSE – Addresses oral causes of bad breath
  2. FRESHEN – Freshens breath  with every use
  3. BALANCE – Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion

Please read and understand the packaging information supplied before use.

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MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Spray

Veterinary dentistry’s most effective oral cleanser and freshener for dogs and cats in a user-friendly spray. MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Formula incorporates zinc ascorbate/taurine which is natural, safe for daily use, inexpensive, and is well tolerated with its acceptable taste. Works on the days you don’t have time to brush!.

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GREENIES Original Dental Treats

GREENIES Original Dental Treats have been shown to reduce plaque and tartar build up on dogs teeth. Given once a day Greenies help to keep your dog’s teeth clean with fresh healthy breath. Most dogs love these delicious, original-flavor dental chews because they are delightfully chewy which helps fight plaque and tartar. Best of all, these natural dog treats are made with highly soluble ingredients that are safe and easy to digest. Give your dog GREENIES Dental Treats, the mouth-wowing treat that helps promote their overall health.

Feed one GREENIES Dental Chew per day. For dogs 11-22 kg. Not suitable for dogs less than 2.25 kg, or dogs less than 6 months of age. Provide fresh drinking water at all times and see your veterinarian regularly.

As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Gulping any item can be harmful or even fatal to a dog. Those of us with dogs with food or other hypersensitivities should take these into consideration when choosing which products to use.

Choose the Right Size for Your Dog:
Petite: 7-11 kg
Regular: 11-22 kg
Large: 22-45 kg

Veggiedent FR3SH Dental Chews for Dogs

Veggiedent® FR3SH™ Dental Chews for Dogs are now enhanced with FR3SH™ Technology to target bad breath in 3 ways:

  1. CLEANSE Addresses oral causes of bad breath
  2. COOL Freshens breath with cooling action
  3. DIGESTIVE Bad breath can result from gastrointestinal problems due to unbalanced intestinal microflora. FR3SH™ Technology includes the addition of a prebiotic to promote a balanced and healthy gut flora

Veggiedent® FR3SH™ chews are low calorie, vegetable based dental chew sticks – meaning that they are safe to use, won’t lead to impactions, broken teeth, cut gums or constipation. They are safe for dogs who are overweight, diabetic, have liver disease or pancreatitis.

Always supervise your dog when giving them chews.

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Tug Toys (AKA “Dental Floss for Dogs”)

They are a great way to exercise your dog, and yourself, and work their jaw bones and muscles, as well as strengthen their teeth. A little known benefit of having your dog bite into the rope of these tug toys is that the fibres act like dental floss, cleaning the hard to reach surfaces between teeth. Very few dental care products or foods give the incisor teeth (front teeth) an adequate clean but that’s exactly where rope tug toys do their best work.

Our tug toys come in 3 sizes – Small (22cm), Medium (30cm) & Large (35cm). Brands and colours may vary from that shown. You may request a particular colour of tug toy if you wish but we are limited by what stock our suppliers carry. And remember, your dog is colour blind so doesn’t care what colour you get!

Supervise your dog when offering it any dental chew or tug toy product. Discard the chew or toy if it poses a choking risk. If in doubt regarding he suitability of these products for your pets seek veterinary advice.